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Mobile Technology Impact In Support Note-Taking And Sharing Activities During Biology Field Trips

  • This research study is to explore methods for incorporating mobile technology into field trips to support note-taking activities. It presents the result of a qualitative study to determine the methods and tools biology students use to take and share notes on field trips and to develop useful guidelines for the development of mobile technologies to support note-taking and sharing activities. A field note is a combination of raw data and ideas that represents the process of transforming an observed interaction into a written one. The study design consisted of two research phases: Phase 1: Observation of 14 undergraduate Biology students attending the Marin ecology field study trip at the Technical university of Kaiserslautern, and 14 undergraduate biology students also how took part in the Botany Biodiversity field trip at the Saarland university. Phase 2: Interview with 13 undergraduate biology students who took part in the Marin Molecular biology field trip and 14 undergraduate biology students who took part in the Botany biodiversity field trip. The results of this research provided an understanding of generic requirements (and context-specific requirements) by identification of the undergraduate biology students' needs and requirements during field trip learning activities, i.e., it was observed that all groups of students take a number of devices with them, these include a mixture of traditional and modern tools such as note and sketchbooks for note taking. Also, it was identified what makes mobile technology useful to use in the field, to support the outdoor students learning experience i.e. the system must provide a GPS link function to link the taken notes with location automatically. Also, from the other side this research study explored factors that affect the use of mobile technology in biology field trips by university students can lead them to choose paper-based tools to support their learning experiences during fieldwork. In general, Mobile technology have a great impact on the students in collecting data and capturing their learning experiences during the field trip.
Author:Thoraia Becker
Publishing Institution:Pädagogische Hochschule Heidelberg
Granting Institution:Pädagogische Hochschule Heidelberg, Fakultät für Natur- und Gesellschaftswissenschaften (Fak. III)
Date of final exam:2024/02/06
Document Type:Doctoral Thesis
Referee:Lissy Jäkel, Manuela Welzel-Breuer
Advisor:Lissy Jaekel
Year of Completion:2024
Release Date:2024/03/18
Page Number:149
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